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Ramblings of a Bug Hunter

2 minute read

Today marks a huge personal milestone in my bug bounty hunting career. I have achieved an all-time ranking of top 100 on Bugcrowd. This accomplishment comes ...


2 minute read

OpenSIS v7.3 is vulnerable to unauthenticated SQL injection via the ‘username’ field, this allows for remote database compromise as well as authentication by...

100 Days of Bug Hunting

4 minute read

On April 1st, I decided to try my hand at bug bounty hunting. What started initially as a short experiment quickly evolved into a daily obsession and a full-...

CRTP Exam Review

2 minute read

This last week I took and passed the Certified Red Team Professional exam. Certified Red Team Professional (CRTP) is the introductory level Active Directory ...


2 minute read

This post a brief description of the discovery and development of CVE-2020-10557.